As of April 2022, the National Sepsis Data Trust Initiative has begun pursuing Congressional funding for the initial phase of the National Sepsis Data Trust. Members of the Sepsis Alliance Voices advocacy community have been getting involved, asking their Congress members to commit $5 million to launch the foundational piece of this lifesaving data trust.

$5 million in 2023 would enable the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to launch state-level sepsis data pilot programs. There is currently no national database for reporting, tracking, or sharing privacy-protected sepsis data, which means we are limited in our ability to understand, and combat, sepsis. Eventually, we will need a National Sepsis Data Trust, a hub of information about sepsis readily available at the national level. But creating state-level databases of sepsis information would be a key step in that direction.

These state pilots could begin the process of connecting privacy-protected sepsis data at the state level and would eventually feed into a National Sepsis Data Trust. A portion of the $5 million would be available for evaluation and analysis, so that we can see what’s working. And because the pilots would be connecting already-existing data, they would not impact front-line staff workflow.

Click HERE to ask your Congressional representatives to commit $5 million to launch the foundational piece of this lifesaving data trust. All it takes is a few clicks!

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